Van Tuyl's has been manufacturing Furnaces and Kilns for over 50 years in South Africa ( SA ). Established in 1963 by Jan Van Tuyl from Holland, the company started off supplying the pottery and ceramic industries. Over the years the company has become one of the leading manufacturers of Furnaces, Kilns and Heating Solution in Africa.

We offer a wide range of Kilns, Furnaces, kiln equipments and spares :

- Pottery & Ceramic Kilns, Front and Top loading
- Jewellery Kilns
- Laboratory Furnaces
- Dental Furnaces
- Burnout Furnaces
- Furnaces for Heat Treatment
- Drying Ovens
- Melting Pots and Smelting Furnaces
- Custom Built Furnaces
- Potter's Wheels, Slab Rollers and Other Equipment
- Kiln Shelves, Props, Crucibles, Spares etc.

Van Tuyl's production facility is situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. Van Tuyl continues to expand internationally exporting to clients in Zimbabwe, Botswana,Namibia, Mozambique, Australia, India, Mauritius, Sweden, Indonesia, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Van Tuyl's kilns are engineered to be of the highest quality on the market and we provide heat solutions that cover a comprehensive range of applications and industries. We have a diversified customer base, including some of the top artists on the continent working in ceramics, glass and metals. Many of our kilns especially our custom units will be use in industry for heat treatment. We supply and support many of the educational institutions in South Africa and throughout the continent.

Van Tuyl provide heat control solutions to the Engineering, Industrial and Mining sectors and we work with prospective clients to provide solutions to suit their specific requirements.

Van Tuyl is proud to be the only local manufacturer of a custom designed kiln controller, the VT-36 Programmable Kiln Controller, this provides functionality in an easy to use format to manage your kiln and is one of the most cost effective on the market.