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Available Colours (PDF)
Clay Compatibility

Suitable For:

  • Stoneware
  • Porcelain

Firing Temperature:

  • 1185 - 1220 °C


Amaco's Celadon glazes were modeled after the ancient Asian celadon glazes.

The Celadon range is vibrant, glossy, and breaks well over textured surfaces to add accent to your work.

All Celadon colours are fully mixable to give you endless possibilities in colours and shades.

  • 472ml
  • Food Safe

Preparation & Application


Shake well before use.

If necessary, dilute with water.


Apply 3 coats to mature Cone 04 bisque.

Allow the glaze to dry between coats.

Celadon glazes are transparent and naturally glossy.

You can mix Celadon glazes to achieve different colour shades.

Celadon glazes can be layered with Amaco's Potter's Choice glazes.